Integrate with a private Google Sheet

If you want to query a private Google Sheet you just need to do a couple of things to enable this. These steps are outlined below. If at any time you have an issue following these steps, please reach out to

Step 1: Add your Google Sheet's id to your key

The first step is to attach your Google Sheet's id to one of your API keys. Login to your dashboard to do this, and click on the button labeled with "Sheets".

Once you have clicked on the button you should see a screen as shown below where you can find instructions for your next steps, and where you can add your Googles Sheet id.

You can find the id in the url for the Google sheet. When viewing the sheet it will follow and precede /edit/ as shown below.

Step 2: Give the UseSQL service account view permissions to your sheet

The next step is to take the service account and give it view access to the sheet you are looking to query, by clicking on the sheet's share button as shown below.

When adding you will also want to disable the "Notify people" checkbox otherwise you will get notified of the fact that the service account cannot receive emails.

Step 3: Start querying your sheet

At this point, you are ready to query your private Google Sheet, and as many other supported sources as you please through SQL.

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