Querying StackBy Tables

Step 1: Find The StackBy Table You Want To Include

Create or find a table that you would like to query, and copy it's url from the browser.

Step 2: Retrieve Your StackBy API Key

Login to your StackBy account, and navigate to your Account page.

Once on the account page if you havent created an API Key click the Create API Key button.

Once you have this key, make it visible, and save it somewhere for the next step where we build our query.

Step 3: Build Your SQL Query

After this you just need to add the url as the table you want to query from with the api key provided as a query parameter. An example is shown below along with a link to the query in the sandbox.

SELECT * FROM "https://stackby.com/stack/stJMXZMzvH293NHq3S/tbl1575000948100df97c5?api-key={YOUR-KEY}"[ sandbox ]

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